Miss Monkey WE (Women Empowerment)

Spinning and weaving in Nagaland, a remote area in North East India where a number of tribes cohabitate and just recently opened to the tourism, is the exclusive monopoly of women.

The ancestral technique is demanding of terms of time and effort, but it is not equally rewarding as the cloth produced doesn’t have a large market in Nagaland. The locals prefer machine-made cheaper fabrics, therefore the art of weaving using traditional methods is slowly dying, and selling their artisanal work becomes extremely difficult for them.

The rural poor in Nagaland, are largely dependent on selling fruits and vegetables to sustain themselves, but with the little they make they cannot afford to send their children to schools and colleges, and their children end up
taking up on very low salary odd jobs, so viceous circle of poverty continues.

it has become extremely important and urgent to provide this women with a market for their unique product, to save this dying art and induce empowerment and prosperity
to this tribal Naga women.

We aim to give hope to this people by providing them with continuous employment on the art of weaving, and the possibility to support their families to a brighter future.

Providing income to women at poverty level is a way to combat the problem of children labour at its roots. The change can be seen not only in the life of the women employed, but in the next generation, and the children the women can afford to educate

The handspun fabric they produce, will be used as raw material for a range of Miss monkey fashion products, home furnishings and accessories. The final product will be sold on this site, and part of the profits will be directed towards keeping the project going and increasing the number of tribal weavers to benefit from it.