Meet Miss Monkey

Dear customers, fans & visitors.

My name is Susana Gago, founder & head designer @ miss monkey.

With a Spanish heart and an Indian soul, I combine roots and traditions, the most exquisite natural fibres and hand-embroideries that India has to offer with western silhouettes, to create a unique line of sustainable fashion in small quantities, while recovering and preserving the very rich textile inheritance from this very inspiring, colourful country.

By doing so, I dream to bring colours and style to this world, while caring for the environment and fair trade.

Fast fashion is badly harming our planet and us as compulsive consumers. When we buy ” just because it’s cheap”, we are not aware of the damage we are causing.

When we buy a cheap garment, it means there’s cheap labour behind it, extremely low salaries, or even worse, child slavery.
The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after petrol.
By buying polyester or any kind of artificial fabrics, we are contributing today the irreversible damage of our planet.

By exercising responsible consumption, we can make a better world.

It doesn’t mean austerity or lack of style…but going back to tapping into the pleasure of buying contemporary beautiful pieces, made with love.

Colourful and exclusive, Miss Monkey dresses a woman with presence – cosmopolitan, sophisticated and most certainly free. Both chic and funky, a Miss Monkey Woman is not afraid of being noticed…she knows she is unique and is not afraid to be different, original or indeed – special. Contemporary, boholux in very limited editions – that’s Miss Monkey!